The NevStevens Group

Look who’s now using Mediaslide model agency software! Welcome!

About The NevStevens Group: 

The NevStevens group is a boutique Marketing Agency that focuses on connecting iconic brands to the most influential celebrities and content creators. We will work with your brand to match you with the most effective and organic people of influence to create the most viral, enthralling & ROI-focused campaigns.

Website: www.thenevstevensgroup.com


Studio 54

We are happy to announce that Studio 54 is now using our model agency software! Bienvenue!

About Studio 54:

Studio 54 is a casting studio located in the Jourdain village in the 20th district of Paris.

Amandine Maugy, casting director of the studio, unearths for advertising and fiction, actors, models, athletes, and also new talents, also from the wild casting.

Solicited by producers, clients and directors, Amandine Maugy and her team will meet all your needs.


East West Events

We are so happy to announce that East West Events is now using our model agency software!!

About East West Events: 

EAST WEST EVENTS – was formed in 1999 by the German corporation MEDIATEC- Pro Sound & Vision based in Germany and is a booking and management agency specializing in finding the freshest voices and sounds out there.

We book tours, venues, festivals, and club nights around the world while working closely with labels, licensors, distributors, and promo agencies – building up and accelerating artist careers.

We offer a wide range of services connected with the extensive organization of events of all types, public relations service,

marketing, music, and event consulting.

Website: www.eastwest-events.com