Our location

32 rue Fessart
92100 Boulogne Billancourt

mediaslide France
+33 1 89 71 06 57

mediaslide New York
+1 (646) 603-0216

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Our story

mediaslide is a “Software As A Service” dedicated to model agencies whose data are safely and securely hosted on the cloud.

We have created in 2012 a new booking & scouting software for model agencies accessible on the cloud anytime-anywhere.

Our team consists of former dedicated model agents and software developers specialized in the cloud, programming objects, systems and security engineers, cloud computing, website creation, and also technical support in order to meet the demands of our customers.

After months of research & development and implementation of the software architecture, we started offering our services to modeling agencies that have been immediately seduced by our solution and left their historical provider with whom they were over 15 years and more.

Today mediaslide has become a major player in the booking software for modeling agencies, its simplicity and logic of use has allowed us to break the rigid codes and monopoly established by our competitors.