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We are happy to announce that OFFSHORE is now using our model agency software!! Welcome on board!

About Offshore:

Offshore is a talent management, casting, and mother agency representing multidimensional models and creative individuals. We emphasize personal style, self-awareness and strength of character. Our talent exudes an organic and engaging influence that is undeniable.

We work with clients who want to offer a fresh perspective within the global fashion market that is currently oversaturated with content, talent, and fashion companies. Our work offers our clients the opportunity to present a progressive and curated vision.



The NevStevens Group

Look who’s now using Mediaslide model agency software! Welcome!

About The NevStevens Group: 

The NevStevens group is a boutique Marketing Agency that focuses on connecting iconic brands to the most influential celebrities and content creators. We will work with your brand to match you with the most effective and organic people of influence to create the most viral, enthralling & ROI-focused campaigns.