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In Poland, UNIQUE AGENCY is now using Mediaslide Model Agency Software!! We are thrilled!

About Unique Agency:

We are passionate who have combined the world of fashion. We carefully choose each model, and we work in a fixed team of hairdressers, stylists, photographers, filmmakers, retouchers, graphic designers and web developers.

Website: www.uniqueagency.pl/



Hello Poland! We are thrilled to announce that Systemmgmt is now using our model agency software! Welcome!

About Systemmgmt:

Systemmgmt is a Polish talent agency based in Warsaw and founded in 2019 Using System unique connections and industry knowledge to develop and nurture talent, the team provides personal management tailored to each individual within the global media industry.

Website: www.systemmgmt.eu/



After few weeks of testing and comparing our software with others, GAGAMODELS has officially decided to use Mediaslide model agency software. Because today you need the best tools to work fast and easy, we are here to help you anytime, anywhere. Congratulations to all the team of GAGAMODELS, we are happy and excited that you chose us !!