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Look who’s now using our booking software in Holland! Welcome on board Matt Faces!

Website: www.mattfaces.nl

About us:

Matt Faces, a subsidiary company of Boutique Management Agency Matt Models, founded in 2015 by former model Matthijs Brooimans, is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Other than Matt Models, Matt Faces is specialized in representing a selective group of high-end commercial models & characters for advertising, film, sports and fashion projects.



Riches Mgmt

We are thrilled to announce that Riches is now using our booking software! Welcome on board!!

Website: www.richesmgmt.com

About us:

RICHESMGMT is an international model scouting, development and placement agency based in Amsterdam and London.

It is the brainchild of Philip Riches who has worked in the fashion industry as a photographer for nearly 20 years for clients such as L’Oreal, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger and Viktor and Rolf.

Riches career as a photographer gives him an insight into the development of a model that is very unique in the industry.

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Kidz Management

In the Netherlands, we are thrilled to announce that Kidz Management is now using our booking software! Welcome!

Website: www.kidzmanagement

About us:

Milou, a 28-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Kidz Management, combines her love for the media in general and her love for kids in particular by creating a kids modeling agency based on an entirely new concept.

The operating base for her internationally orientated company is in the Netherlands. Milou’s personal touch is one of her USPs.

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The Fashion Composers

We are so happy to announce that The Fashion Composers is now using our booking software! Welcome!

Website: www.thefashioncomposers.com

About The Fashion Composers:

The Fashion Composers (TFC) Agency is an international modeling agency that represents multitalented, professionally trained dancers. Experts of elegance, disciplined in performing under pressure, with a knowledge of their bodies and the ability to transform movement into emotion.



Ego’s Models

In Amsterdam, Ego’s Models​ has decided to start using Mediaslide​ modeling agency software. They can now propose and book their models easily with their clients. Congratulations to Ego’s Models !!


Brooks Modeling Agency

In Holland, Brooks Modeling Agency has a brand new website. It’s connected with their Mediaslide​ software so they are free to update the news, pictures and video of their models anytime. Have a look at www.brooksmodelingagency.com .

Website: www.brooksmodelingagency.com


Brooks Modeling Agency (BMA) is known as an all male boutique modeling agency with an international level of models and professional approach.