In Amsterdam, michamodels is now using mediaslide model agency software and that makes us super happy

Website: www.michamodels.nl


Micha Models was founded in 2006 by former model Micha Emmering-Krijger. She started her career in Paris at the age of 16, where she became model for the worldwide campagne of Bennetton. Micha ‘s strong connections with the fashion industry after 20 years in the business as a model and booker has helped create a strong modeling agency.


Innocence Models

In the Netherlands Innocence Model Agency is now booking its models with Mediaslide model agency software. Congratulations Innocence !!!

Website: www.innocencemodelagency.com/nl/


Succesful since 2013. Innocence Models focuses on creating a diverse and constantly growing environment by emphasising the individuality of our Models. We are currently representing 42 models from a myriad of different backgrounds, each with their own unique story.